‘Very disappointing’: Brockville’s Galaxy Cinemas to close this summer

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Those in Brockville who have a Cineplex gift card may want to use it before it’s too late as the popular Galaxy Cinemas will be closing this summer. 

“Our lease was up and we made the very difficult decision not to renew it,” said Jason Benway, Cineplex’s executive director of operations – Quebec West & Ontario East.

Benway told Brockvilleist that the theatre will close July 7 at the end of the day.

“Thanks to our employees and the local community for all their dedication and support over the past 18 years,” he said.

In light of the announcement, reactions have been split among Brockvillians as they share their thoughts on why this happened, and what it might mean for the larger community. 

Many Facebook users commented that they think this closure was just a matter of time due to the increased cost of living in Canada and people needing to cut out more frivolous recreations such as going to the cinema. Others agreed that this closure was inevitable given the prevalence of video streaming services such as Netflix or Disney+. 

Many locals expressed their disappointment and frustration that one of the primary activities for fun and socialization in Brockville will no longer be available. Local Big Sisters of Leeds and Grenville volunteer Harley Edgley spoke with Brockvilleist about the imminent closure, sharing “l meet up with a local child who is in need of support in some form – a friend, a sister, a role model. We meet a couple times a week. We do all kinds of activities – her favourite was going to the movies. We’ve gone three times now. Anytime she sees an advertisement for a new movie she’s interested in she mentions excitedly how much she would want to go to the movies to see it.”

She continued, “It’s a big outing for us. There’s not too much for us to do in Brockville. I think that the closure will affect everyone – not just the youth. My fiance and I had our first date at the movies. My family would always go on Tuesdays and it was our family outing. The city says they want to keep youth and young families in the city but with nothing to do, unaffordable housing and limited jobs, how are we supposed to stay?” 

Brockville realtor Kate McKinnon also expressed her disappointment at the recent news with Brockvilleist. She shared, “I think, like most Brockvillians, it’s very disappointing. I love bringing my kids to the movies. It’s something so many of us grew up with. It’s also really sad for the people who work there.”

She added “That being said, it’s something we do less and less simply because it’s so cost prohibitive. It costs us hundreds just to go to the movies as a family and enjoy some treats. It’s too much for many people. I’m hoping this isn’t the end of movies in Brockville. I’m hoping it’s an opportunity for positive change.”

Brockvilleist will continue to follow this story as more information becomes available. 

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