Smiths Falls Youth Arena nearing end of lifespan

The Smiths Falls Youth Arena is nearing the end of its life as the ice plant and pad need replacing – but at what cost? – Laurie Weir photo

Understanding the scope of work and how deep they’ll be digging were some of the questions that council had for the director of facilities and parks during a Smiths Falls council meeting on Monday, May 13, concerning the viability of the Youth Arena.

A feasibility study was recommended to be awarded to Nustadia Recreation for just over $80,000, but the report prepared by Stephanie Clark, director of community services, had some missing pieces, as well as coming in over budget by more than $1,300.

“There is a lot of opportunity to see what we could do here,” Coun. Jennifer Miller said. “A little more detail on this one would be great.”

Presented by Paul Dowber, director of corporate services/treasurer, the report noted that the feasibility study will evaluate the condition and viability of the Youth Arena facility. As the current infrastructure nears the end of its operational life, the study will offer an in-depth analysis to determine the most prudent and beneficial course of action. The primary focus will be on whether refurbishing or replacing the ice plant and pad is the best option for partners.

This assessment aims to ensure that the facility can continue to serve the community effectively.

The outcomes of this study will provide critical insights and recommendations to guide council’s decision-making process regarding the future of the Youth Arena. This study aims to ensure the provision of a safe, sustainable, and vibrant recreational space for the community, as it reflects the town’s commitment to fostering the well-being and development of youth and residents, ensuring that the facility continues to serve as a valuable asset for years to come, the director noted in the report.

Before council makes a decision on this file, more information will come to the next committee of the whole meeting.

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