Your local news tip could win you $100!

Know about something that’s happening that the community should know about? Tell us about it! Your news tips and photos could win you $100! Every month, we’ll pick from among our most interesting submissions to select the most compelling tip!

A few rules to remember when submitting:

1) Photos must be owned by the submitter or the submitter must have the owner’s permission to submit.

2) Photos must be unedited and reflective of the factual nature of the incident. Photos that are manipulated by cropping, the angle at which it was taken, or via editing will not be eligible.

3) Photos must not show gore.

4) WE PROTECT OUR SOURCES! News tips may be submitted with a request of anonymity. Sources will be protected when requested and remain eligible for the prize.

5) Submissions must not be taken while committing a dangerous activity and/or criminal offence (for example, photos taken while driving.)

How to submit: Email your photo with a brief description to our Editor at . That’s it!