Local athlete honoured and other highlights of Mississippi Mills Council’s Oct. 17 meeting

Mississippi Mills council with local athlete Isabel Lowry. – Submitted photo

Mississippi Mills council held a regular meeting on the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Below are the main highlights of the meeting.

  • Mississippi Mills Council celebrated local resident Isabel Lowry’s achievements in the field of rowing. Lowry, alongside her teammates, proudly represented Team Canada in the prestigious 2023 Olympic Hopes regatta held in Poland this September. The dedicated athletes clinched two gold medals in the C4 200 and 500 metre rowing events.
  • During the session, several matters were addressed by the Council. The Committee of the Whole meeting held on Oct. 3 saw detailed discussions about the Policy Planner position. The comprehensive report prepared was accepted and will now be integrated into the upcoming 2023 budget deliberations, shaping the municipality’s future policies.
  • Council members gave their nod of approval to Option 2 of the Bylaw Service Review report, as presented by Fire Chief Williams. This decision paves the way for an expansion in the hours of coverage provided within Mississippi Mills. The financial implications of this move are to be examined and brought forth as part of the 2024 budget discussions.
  • Councillors reviewed a report prepared by the Chief Administrative Officer and the Director of Protective Services. This report addressed various aspects of the Community & Safety Well-Being and Policing plan, a motion initiated by the Mayor earlier this year. Council acknowledged the report’s key statistics and directed municipal staff to strategize effective ways to share this information with residents. Plans for a public education campaign and community engagement were set in motion, emphasizing the council’s commitment to fostering a safe and informed community.
  • Council also greenlit the reallocation of $50,000 from the advertising budget, previously allocated to Metroland Media, for utilization in alternative advertising and communication initiatives. This move aims to diversify the municipality’s outreach efforts, potentially spanning across print, digital, and radio media platforms.
  • Several noteworthy items were also discussed during the Committee of the Whole meeting, setting the stage for future Council decisions. This included the receipt of quarterly reports from Roads and Public Works and the Clerk’s Department. Additionally, a proposed amendment to the Traffic and Parking bylaw was tabled, suggesting a modification in winter parking restrictions from Nov. 1 to April 15 to Dec. 1 to March 31.
  • Looking ahead, the community can anticipate engaging events as part of the Bicentennial celebrations. One such event is ‘Spinning Yarns: The Millworkers’ Musical,’ a captivating theatrical production to be held at the historic Almonte Old Town Hall from November 17th to 19th and 24th to 26th. This musical, penned by Fern Martin, directed by Kris Riendeau, and produced by Barb Dickson and Michael Rikley-Lancaster, promises an enriching experience centered around the lives of textile mill workers.
  • Upcoming meetings include a Hybrid Council Meeting on Nov. 7, and a Special Council Budget Meeting on Nov. 14.

Information provided by the Municipality of Mississippi Mills

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