Sunday, July 21, 2024

Lanark OPP looking to use residents’ security cameras to create footage database through CAMSafe program

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In a an effort to bolster community safety, the Lanark County detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has launched the CAMSafe program.

Designed to harness the power of technology in crime prevention, CAMSafe is a pioneering initiative aimed at compiling a comprehensive database of residential and commercial security cameras within the community. This innovative program is set to serve as a vital resource for law enforcement officers when investigating various offences and crimes.

With the implementation of CAMSafe, police officers gain access to a detailed map of the local area. Within this interface, officers can click on registered addresses, unveiling further information, including the property owner’s contact details. Importantly, it’s crucial for residents to understand that officers cannot access the security cameras or associated cloud-based accounts directly. Instead, in instances where the examination of camera footage is necessary, law enforcement officers are required to make a formal request to the property owner, using the contact information available within the CAMSafe database.

Participation in the CAMSafe program is voluntary for community members, requiring only basic contact information and the camera’s location. However, participants have the option to provide additional details, such as the direction the camera faces, specifics regarding footage retention, or even screenshots of the camera’s view. Registrants maintain complete control over their information, being able to view only their own data. Furthermore, they have the flexibility to delete their account or update their information at any time, ensuring utmost privacy and security.

For those who wish to contribute to this collective effort aimed at enhancing community safety, registering security cameras with CAMSafe is a straightforward process. Interested individuals can visit the official CAMSafe website at to learn more about the program and complete the registration procedure.

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