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‘I don’t feel safe’: Serious collisions prompt petition to reduce speed limit on section of 1000 Islands Parkway

A photo of the 1000 Islands Parkway taken from the petition

A new petition on is imploring authorities for a reduced speed limit in Rockport as drivers traverse the Thousand Islands Parkway.

Tragically, two serious accidents have taken place on that stretch of road in 2023, one ending in a fatality, and now it seems multiple citizens have decided to put their concern into action. The petition, titled “Reduce the Speed Limit in Rockport on the Parkway” was created by Voices in Rockport and has reached 138 signatures to date. Their next goal is to reach 200 signatures. 

The petition states,“We are deeply concerned about the recurring accidents on the Thousand Islands Parkway, particularly between River Road and Narrows Lane, near the Lighthouse in Rockport, a bustling tourist destination”. The petition draws attention to an accident which took place on April 10 of this year, and a more recent fatal accident last month. As previously reported by Brockvilleist, on the afternoon of Monday, Oct. 23, a 63-year-old woman from Brockville died in a fatal collision at the 1000 Islands Parkway and Front Street. 

Voices in Rockport express “The frequency of such incidents is not only disturbing but calls into question whether current traffic regulations are adequate for ensuring public safety.” 

The current speed limit in the area is 80 km/h and Voices in Rockport believe it is time to reconsider this due to the parkway’s “accident-prone nature, high pedestrian activity due to tourism, and the visibility issues created by the excessive signage.”  

Multiple supporters of the petition commented on their reasoning for signing it. Kelly Linton shared “ I don’t feel safe crossing the road here” and Paula Wagar-Wilkinson wrote “It is obvious due to these two accidents and near misses in other similar situations that the speed limit should be reduced.” 

Kim Townend-Willets agreed with the mission of Voices in Rockport, saying “this is an area that should have a reduced speed considering the road runs right through the middle of a town. People also generally go faster than the speed limit.” 

The petition was also shared by Leanne Wilkinson in the Facebook group “What’s REALLY going on in Brockville.” She captioned the post “Help make Rockport and the parkway a safer place”. One user in the group, Mary Fournier, did not adamantly agree that a change in the speed limit is necessary. She commented on Leanne’s post saying “It’s already only 80 km/h along the parkway and the down to 60 in a few spots. That’s reasonable if people adhere to them.” 

In their statement, Voice in Rockport urges local authorities to take their request seriously and to enact a new lesser speed limit, specifically between River Road and Narrows Lane. When asked for a comment on the safety of the Thousand Islands Roadway, A/Sgt Aaron Miller, Regional Media Coordinator with the OPP, said:

“The OPP remains committed to public safety and encourages anything that contributes to enhanced community safety. Our officers often work in collaboration with the municipalities to gauge traffic volumes, speeds etc. Traffic safety remains a team sport and relies on drivers, agencies and communities to pull together to keep our roadways safe.”

If you are interested in understanding more about this conference and to view the petition, please visit ​​it here.

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