Sunday, July 21, 2024

Highlights from Gananoque council’s Sept. 5 meeting

The following was submitted by the Town of Gananoque.

  • Council accepted the resignation of Therese Conway from the Municipal Heritage Advisory Panel and appointed Mathew Thivierge to the Panel for the remaining term of Council. 
  • A Community Grant in the amount of $2,033.00 was approved for Girls Inc, toward the cost of the 2023 Summer Program. 
  • Caitlyn Cox, KPMG Audit Senior Manager, appeared before Council and presented a PowerPoint presentation entitled “Town of Gananoque Audit Findings Report for the Year Ended December 31, 2022”. The 2022 KPMG Audit Findings Report was received, as presented by KPMG.
  • The 2022 Year End Financial Results were received. Tax supported departments ended the year with a cash based operating surplus of $106,475.
  • A Staff Report was received regarding a proposed Courtesy Crosswalk at Water and Kate Street. Council directed staff to bring this item forward for consideration during the 2024 Budget Deliberations as well as a costing for a traffic engineer survey.
  • Blue Box Transition Update: Council approved a motion to opt out of the Circular Materials Ontario (CMO) standard contract for providing interim recycling collection services during the transition period.
  • Staff were directed to proceed with issuing a tender for the full scope of the Water Street Swing Bridge Repairs Costing project with anticipated budget deviation to an upset limit of $141,000.00 to be funded from capital reserves.
  • Council passed a By-law enacting the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) 5-year Cost-Apportioning Agreement for locally supported services.
  • The Les FestivÎLES Report was received for information.
  • The Water and Wastewater 2nd Quarter Reports were received for information. 
  • The Gananoque Public Library Quarterly Report was received for information.
  • Deputy Mayor Leakey put forth a Notice of Motion that was approved by Council directing Staff to review and report to Council all costs that are tourist related and paid out of property tax revenue, including those approved via community grants and council grants.  The report is to include any tourist related costs that can utilize the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) revenue, rather than continuing to add to the tax payer’s burden.
  • Council received correspondence from Douglas Wood advising that the Legion Park known as the “Legion Riders Memorial Park” has been recognized as a proper Memorial by the Department of National Defense.  

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