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High sodium levels found in Almonte drinking water

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The Municipality of Mississippi Mills, on the instruction of Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Medical Officer of Health, is informing residents after recent water tests revealed high levels of sodium in the local supply.

According to official instructions, any sodium concentration surpassing 20 mg/l must be immediately reported to the Medical Officer of Health.

The municipality states that samples collected on May 15, 2023, in the Almonte Ward exhibited sodium levels ranging from 27.8 to 53.1 mg/l. Subsequent samples, taken on May 18, 2023, displayed levels between 28.2 to 54.8 mg/l. In light of these findings, health experts have calculated the potential sodium intake through various water consumption levels:

  • Drinking one liter of water daily could introduce 28-55 mg of sodium into the diet.
  • Consuming two liters would result in an intake of 56-110 mg of sodium.
  • Three liters of water could add 84-165 mg of sodium to an individual’s daily diet.

Hypertension Canada recommends a reduction in sodium intake, advising most individuals to limit their daily consumption to around 2,000 mg from both food and beverages. Those dealing with hypertension, chronic kidney disease, or congestive heart failure may need to further restrict their sodium intake to manage their conditions effectively.

Residents currently on restricted sodium diets are strongly urged to consult their healthcare providers regarding the sodium levels in their residences. This consultation is essential to assess the need for an alternate water supply.

For further details, concerned individuals are encouraged to visit the official website at Inquiries can be directed to the Roads and Public Works Department at 613-256-2064, Extension 405.

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