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Here’s what happened Leeds and Thousand Islands council’s recent meeting

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Fire Station 1 in TLTI to get repairing and resurfacing of flooring

Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands council has unanimously approved the award of tender for the repair and resurfacing of flooring at Fire Station 1 in Lansdowne.

This occurred during Monday’s council meeting in Lansdowne.

The tender was awarded to 9241329 Canada Inc., in the amount of $53,129.71.

Other tenders were received by Interior Concreate Coatings Inc. ($54,309.69), Northeast General Contracting Inc. ($59,851.16), and Mascon Restorations ($70,628.05).

“This is to complete the second floor of the firehall outback,” said David Holliday, the director of operations and infrastructure for the township.

“Last year, we did the main floor washrooms, we did the lunchroom here in the administrative building, so now we want to finish the building off.”

Surface treatment, micro-surfacing tenders awarded

The Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands council has unanimously authorized the award of the tender for the supply and application of surface treatment to Miller Paving Limited in the amount of $629,517.89.

This happened during Monday’s council meeting at the council chambers in Lansdowne.

Several roads were identified in the 2024 capital budget for single surface treatment with fog coat. These roads included Benson Road, Benson Park Road, Deer Ridge Drive, Dulcemaine Road, Kyes Road South, Old River Road West, and Stratford Road. In addition, Kidd Road South, Turn Around Road North and South, and Deryaw Road are slated to receive double surface treatment with a fog seal.

The township issued a tender for these items which closed on Feb. 15, and three submissions were received.

Council then authorized staff also to award the tender for the supply and application of micro-surfacing to Miller Paving Limited in the amount of $190,554.76, inclusive of the net HST.

Micro-surfacing is a cost-effective pavement preservation treatment designed to extend the service life of asphalt pavements by providing skid resistance, restricting moisture intrusion, and protecting the structure from further oxidation and raveling, officials said. Micro-surfacing adds between six to eight years of service life when applied, council heard.

For this process to work, a road must meet minimum criteria, including a pavement condition index above 70 with no apparent signs of base defects. Cracking in the road surface has been addressed prior to applying this treatment to ensure the water is kept out of the base layers of the road.

Citywide, the township’s asset management program, has identified the following roads that meet the criteria for micro-surfacing. These roads include Helen Street, Adelaide Street, Park Street, Days Road, Drynan Way, Marble Rock Road (approach at County Road 32), Robertson Road, and Richardson Road.

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