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Here’s what happened at the Tuesday, June 4 meeting of Mississippi Mills council

Paul Moses, Brian Sonnenburg and Doug Sonnenburg were recognized by council for being inducted into the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame. – Submitted photo

What happened at the recent meeting of Mississippi Mills council? Here’s a rundown of what you need to know.

Council recognized three local residents recently inducted into the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame. Paul Moses, Brian Sonnenburg and Doug Sonnenburg were inducted as members of the 1974 Ottawa Sooners Canadian Championship Football Team during a May 28 ceremony. Fifty years ago, this 1974 Sooners team won the Little Grey Cup national junior football championship – a first for the City of Ottawa.

A delegation was heard from Sally McIntyre, General Manager of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, on the Land Conservation Strategy they are currently undertaking.

A public meeting was held regarding a Zoning By-law Amendment for 4361 Appleton Side Road to rezone a portion of the property for a commercial grain mill and allow office, retail store and restaurant as accessory uses to the grain mill. The matter will come to a future Council meeting for further discussion.

Council approved the Zoning By-law Amendment for 34 Victoria Street in Almonte in order to develop an affordable housing project, in partnership with not-for-profit housing provider, Carebridge Community Support.

The contract for the reconstruction and surface treatment of Concession 9, North Pakenham, was awarded to Arnott Brothers Construction Ltd., in the amount of $632,578.75 plus HST.

Council approved allocating an additional $15,500 in funding for the Mississippi Mills portion of the Blakeney Bridge renewal, over and above the original amount of $180,000 committed to the Lanark County-led project. The increase is due to the contract value exceeding the original design estimate. The Mississippi Mills portion of funding will be used to enhance pedestrian safety and support the use of large equipment by the agricultural community.

The 2025 Budget schedule and process was endorsed by Council. The process will begin this month to ensure adequate time can be given to proactive and informed budgeting. A public survey will be issued in August, with a budget draft to be tabled at the October 8 Committee of the Whole meeting. The goal is to adopt the 2025 Operating and Capital Budget on November 19.  

The annual Integrity Commissioner Report for 2023 was received. A requirement of the Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Local Boards, there were no formal complaints, investigations or requests from members of Council for advice from Integrity Commissioner Tony Fleming of Cunningham Swan LLP.

Council passed a recommendation to the Province of Ontario seeking support to reduce the composition of the Lanark County OPP Detachment Board from 20 members to 12. A 12-member Board would be comprised of one municipal representative from each of the eight Municipalities served by the Board, two community representatives and two provincial representatives. All other member Municipalities have considered the recommendation. The current composition of the Lanark County OPP Detachment Board is significantly larger than other Boards and given the amount required to fund it, consideration was given to reduce the number of Board members.

Committee of the Whole also heard the following items, which will be brought forward for approval at a future Council meeting:

  • Quarterly Reports were received from Community and Economic Development and the Project Management Office.
  • The Asset Management Plan for Non-Core Assets, presented by Watson & Associates Economists Ltd.  
  • Proposed amendments to the Debt Policy.
  • Amendments to the Delegated Authority By-law to authorize the temporary installation of stop signs on municipal roads.
  • Award of tender for snow plow replacement to Freightliner North Bay in the amount of $382,270, plus HST.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • Hybrid Council Meeting – Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 6:00 p.m. Committee of the Whole meeting to follow council.
  • Special Hybrid Council Meeting – Wednesday, June 26, 2024, 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

Submitted by the Municipality of Mississippi Mills

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