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Gananoque motion deals with accessible EV charge stations

Photo via Flo

Gananoque Mayor John Beddows has put forth a motion to find out more information on electric vehicle charging stations.

Specifically, it’s a motion to direct staff to prepare a report on the changes required to provide the town with the authority to recommend that all future personal electric vehicle charging stations built in Gananoque.

This is a concern Beddows had raised in December.

As he was walking by a local Flo/Tesla charging station in Gananoque a little while ago, Beddows was struck by the fact it didn’t have accessibility features. There weren’t any wide parking spots, and all of the charges were behind the curbs.

The mayor was interested enough to do his own online searches over several days, looking for Tesla charging stations in Canada designed for access by people with mobility challenges.

“While I won’t say my search was exhaustive, I was struck by the fact that I couldn’t find a single picture of a Tesla charging station that is accessible,” said Beddows.

That didn’t sit well with the mayor, so much so that Beddows took to his own Facebook page to share his concerns about this topic with the community, and spoke with The Recorder and Times.

At the Jan. 16 council meeting, he put forth the motion, which was ultimately carried.

“The ability to access a charging station(s) is about the ability to access what is currently important, what will soon be an essential service,” said Beddows.

According to, which lists information for electric vehicle charging stations provincially and nationally, there are a total of 20 charging stations in the town.

There is currently an accessible charging station behind Town Hall.

Given that Gananoque is roughly halfway between Montreal and Toronto, and that the number of electric vehicles in Gananoque will only increase as time passes, Beddows said getting this right today is about making it right for the future.

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