Friday, July 19, 2024

Don’t worry, Belleville’s Sam the Record Man still stands

The owners of the longstanding music store Sam the Record Man in Belleville are returning, but say they are selling, not closing, the store. Emma Persaud photo

Spencer and Holly Destun, owners of Sam the Record Man in Belleville, are retiring. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean the landmark music store is shutting down.

In a Facebook post from the store announcing a massive retirement sale, over 50 comments are congratulating Destun and also bemoaning the loss of the store that has been around for so many decades. It has over 220 likes, over 80 of which are shedding emoji-tears.

But Destun told the Quinteist that this isn’t the time for tears, but rather it’s a time to celebrate.

In fact, the store isn’t closing at all.

“We’re retiring because we can’t go on forever, but we are not closing the doors on Sam or the Now and Then stores,” he said.

Destun said that he wants to use his retirement to clear out inventory in the store, making it less daunting for a buyer. He added that he wanted to do something that would recognize what the store has meant to the community over his 45 years of ownership.

“We want to have a big sale with good deals in order to give back to our beloved customers and staff that have been with us all these years,” he said.

Music lovers and fandom collectors can visit the store over the next couple of weeks to shop the sale, congratulate the couple celebrating their retirement, and keep Sam spinning for future owners.

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