Contract awarded for court resurfacing, painting in Leeds and Thousand Islands

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Council has authorized a contract with Court Surface Specialists Ltd. for multi-use court resurfacing and line painting in the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands, in the amount of $83,443.20.

Council also authorized the reallocation of $33,443.20 from the capital infrastructure contingency fund to cover a funding shortfall.

This was unanimously approved by council during the April 8 council meeting in Lansdowne.

In 2023, user groups of the multi-use court in Lansdowne identified deficiencies in the wearing surface. Staff hired a court resurfacing contractor to review and provide recommendations to address the concerns identified. The contractor provided two methods of addressing the issues, with the first being complete replacement of the entire court structure and the second being preservation of the existing structure and a new wearing surface.

The anticipated cost of the replacement was estimated to be $300,000 at the time, with a projected useful life of 35 years. The preservation involved crack sealing, fibreglass crack bridging, and wearing surface installation for $46,900 and a projected useful life extension of 10 years.

Officials included an amount of $50,000 in the 2024 capital budget, based on the cost estimate provided by the court assessment.

Staff issued request for proposal for the preparation and resurfacing of flooring. This tender closed on March 28 and three submissions were received.

While having not provided work for the municipality directly, Court Surface Specialists Ltd. is an experienced contractor having provided court resurfacing on many similar projects across the province.

Staff contacted provided references and are satisfied with the results received. Court Surface Specialists’ bid was the lowest submission, in the amount of $83,443.20, inclusive of the net HST.

As the low submission exceeds the budgeted amount, a deficit of $33,443.20 exists.

To address the deficit, staff recommended allocating the required funds from the capital infrastructure contingency fund, with a current balance of $118,600.

With the reallocation considered, the remaining balance of this fund will be $85,156.80 for any future unforeseen overages.

With the reallocation considered, the remaining balance of this fund will be $85,156.80 for any future unforeseen overages.

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