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‘Brought many kind residents together’: Lost Peppa Pig stuffy becomes Kemptville celebrity

Lise Kingsbury is on a mission to reunite this lost Peppa Pig stuffy with her child. – Submitted photo

One local Kemptville resident is on a mission to reunite a lost stuffed animal with it’s owner, hopefully just in time for Christmas.

Lise Kingsbury has taken it upon herself to ensure that a local child out there can experience their very own Christmas miracle as Peppa is placed back in their arms. 

Kingsbury spoke with the Brockvilleist and shared how Peppa unexpectedly ended up in her house.

“My husband was going into Kemptville south on [County Road 44]. As he was driving past the Leeds Grenville municipal centre, he noticed what he thought was Peppa pig on the road across from the centre. He looked in his rear view mirror, no one was coming, so he reversed back and picked her up.”

Kingsbury shared that she and her husband immediately recognized the toy as they have a six year old granddaughter who watches Peppa Pig on television. 

On Dec. 1, she posted photos on three local Kemptville Facebook groups about the missing Peppa Pig, who at the time was very wet and dirty from being outside.

Kingsbury gave it a good cleaning, and decided to try and find Peppa’s owner.

“Our daughters and grandchildren had their favourite stuffies and we were worried that a little one was pretty upset without Peppa.” 

Kingsbury decided to have some fun with Peppa until her reunion, setting up some cute photos of the stuffy around the house. The wholesome nature of these photos garnered a positive response from Facebook users, but still no one came forward to claim the stuffy.

​​”The next day I set her up for a few more photos and the post’s comments were huge. No owner came forward but lots of people were trying to help with advice and ideas. One guy mentioned making a hashtag so I did.” 

Now, #getpeppahomeforchristmas has become more of a Kemptville community mission than a simple hashtag. With no owner claiming Peppa, users on Facebook told Kingsbury that they would love to see more fun photos of Peppa. Day by day, Peppa’s documented adventures seemed to bring more engagement from the public and more smiles to people’s faces. 

“I think at this time with wars on the other side of the ocean, our economy in the dumps, higher interest rates, and high taxes, people need to just take a break. I guess Peppa is their little break. I try to post every day around 4-4:30pm,” she explained.

Seeing as Peppa joined the Kingsbury household on Dec. 1, Lise decided to add a festive touch to her adventures with Peppa. She has shared photos of Peppa posed around Christmas decorations, sitting by the fireplace, moving the mouse in the advent calendar and perched on a shelf among garland.

With posters hung around the community and posts circulating on social media, Kingsbury and Peppa were flattered when they received an invitation from the mayor for tea. On Friday, Dec. 15 the pair was hosted at the Pirate Cove Marina where they took videos and photos of Peppa in the boats and under their Christmas tree. Kingsbury has also been invited to promote her unique mission on three radio stations, as well as to sit for an interview with Kathy Botham on Cogeco TV in Smiths Falls. 

Weeks have passed since Peppa was initially discovered and Kingsbury told Hometownist “I’m losing hope for poor Peppa but she will be safe here until someone comes forward.”

In the meantime, “Peppa and I will be posting some acts of kindness by using the power of Peppa for some good. I do believe that this has brought many kind residents together, all in the hope that a child finds happiness by getting their Peppa back.”

If you have any information about Peppa’s family that may bring her home in time for Christmas, please contact Lise Kingsbury directly via Facebook messenger. Her Facebook photo is a picture of Peppa Pig, so she can be easily identified.

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