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Brockville council approves above ground sewage station for Centeen Park

Brockville’s main sewage pumping station in Centeen Park. – Google maps

The responsibility to vote on the design for the new Centeen Park sewage station was once again brought before the Brockville City Council at their regular meeting on Tuesday, March 26.

As previously reported by Brockvilleist, council has delayed the decision twice since they received the original design presentation on Feb. 20. This week, an above ground station was approved, but staff will consult further with members of the public on how exactly it will look.  

When the floor was opened to discussion, Councillor Wales put forth an amendment that proposed staff consult with members of the public, and consider public feedback in the esthetic design process for the pumping station project.

“I first want to thank members of the public who have provided input up to this stage,” Wales stated. “We’re certainly nowhere near the end of the process. There’s a long road ahead of us and I do have an amendment I want to make that speaks to that.”

Councillor Wales continued, “I have been convinced by the staff report that the above-ground option is the way to go. It’s the option that makes sense for the requirements of the infrastructure. It’s not just the cheapest option, it’s not just the most convenient option, it’s the option that delivers the infrastructure in the location where it needs to be. 

“I appreciate that everyone wants to make sure that we’ve done our due diligence in ensuring that this is where the station needs to go. I believe that that has been accomplished at this point by staff,” stated Wales. 

Mayor Wren expressed his support for Councillor Wales’ amendment and it was quickly carried by a nearly unanimous vote. The sole member to oppose this amendment was Councillor Earle. 

After that amendment was carried out, Councillor Fullarton expressed her alignment with Councillor Wales’ sentiments, saying “I also think Option 1 is the best. I think we need to be clear that a pumping station has always existed in that park.

“I think what Council wants is to create a new pumping station that has the least impact on the park as possible and I think we’ve made that clear. I think that the way this building will work in terms of the stacked infrastructure is the better option than everything going below ground. I think it will be less disruptive when we’re doing the build and there’s no looking around the cost difference of this. It’s very significant,” continued Councillor Fullarton.  

Mayor Wren concluded the discussion by sharing, “I received a message today from the chair of the Brockville Hydroplane Racing Organization, Ken Henderson.” 

Mayor Wren then read aloud the message from Henderson to council and staff quoting: 

“The committee of the Thousand Islands Regatta believe that the first option to build above ground would be in the best interest of our event. We acknowledge this needs to happen and we will work with the city the best that we can.” 

After hearing the supportive stance from one of the organizations that utilize Centeen Park, Mayor Wren and all councillors unanimously voted to approve Option 1 as an amended motion by Councillor Wales. 

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