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‘Brace yourselves’: Prince Edward County urges residents to prepare for winter storms

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In anticipation of the approaching winter season, the County of Prince Edward has launched an extensive initiative urging all residents to gear up and prepare for potential winter storms and their aftermath.

Fire Chief Chad Brown emphasized the need for preparedness, stating, “We hope to avoid a repeat of the intense winter storms from last December, but it’s crucial for everyone to brace themselves for whatever Mother Nature may throw our way.” Brown emphasized the importance of assembling emergency kits, following safety directives from officials, and understanding protocols for power outages as the region heads into the winter months.

The county’s winter storm preparedness plan encompasses a comprehensive approach, dividing actions into pre-storm, during the storm, and post-storm phases:

  • Residents are strongly encouraged to either create or review their emergency plans to safeguard themselves and their families.
  • It is recommended that households maintain a two-week reserve of food, water, and medications. Additional tips for preparing for winter storms are available through provided resources.
  • Highlighting the increased risk, statistics show that half of all home heating fires occur during December, January, and February. Regularly testing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is advised. Preparedness should include having flashlights, battery-powered lighting, and fresh batteries readily available, with an admonition against using candles.
  • Contingency plans should be in place in case heating systems fail, including dressing in extra layers and using additional blankets for warmth. Safety measures are emphasized for emergency heat sources, urging a three-foot clearance from combustible materials.
  • Safety protocols for portable heaters include turning them off when leaving a room and before bedtime, accompanied by additional guidelines available for winter fire safety.

Residents are encouraged to sign up for news updates and notifications from the County and stay updated through the municipality’s social media channels on Facebook and Twitter/X.

For further details and information, residents are urged to contact the Prince Edward County Fire & Rescue department at 613.476.2345 or via email at

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