Almonte General Hospital experiencing spring ‘baby boom’

Lindsay Timmins is one of many moms to deliver a baby in Almonte this March. – Photo via Almonte General Hospital

In March, the Almonte General Hospital Birthing Unit experienced a significant uptick in activity, with 33 newborns welcomed into the world.

That’s nearly double the number from the previous March.

Dr. Melanie Fortune, a member of the Family Medicine Obstetrics team, noted that this is quite a “baby boom” for the unit and the community at large.

“It is exciting for everyone in our community as so many little humans join us,” she noted.

The Almonte program boasts a collaborative approach, involving obstetricians, family physicians with specialized obstetrical and newborn care training, midwives, nurses, and anesthetists.

Contributing to the boom is the hospital’s growing family medicine obstetrics program, which saw a big jump in numbers this month.

“It’s all hands-on deck and we are there to provide extra support for both moms and babies,” noted Fortune.

Lindsay Timmins, a mother who has delivered two of her three children at Almonte General Hospital, expressed satisfaction with the care she received.

“I was born and raised in Almonte and I feel comfortable at my local hospital close to home,” Timmins said. “I know some of the doctors and nurses and I trust them. It was a great experience for our family!”

Almonte General Hospital stands as the sole rural hospital in the region offering a comprehensive range of low-risk obstetrical services, including round-the-clock coverage by obstetricians, dedicated newborn care physicians, and pain management services provided by anesthetists. The birthing unit features five private postpartum rooms, two labour and delivery rooms equipped with showers, and an operating room for cesarean sections.

Patients seeking advanced ultrasound services can schedule appointments through the hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging team by calling 613-256-2514 ext. 2114 or visiting the hospital’s website at for further information.

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