‘A long time coming’: Loyalist College suspends journalism programs due to declining enrolment

Photo via Pixabay

This fall, Loyalist College announced the suspension of two of its media programs, explaining that enrolled students in both the photojournalism and journalism—communications programs could be the last Loyalist graduates of these programs.

After years of decline in student enrolment, coupled with difficulties securing employment in the industry after graduation, Loyalist College administrators made the difficult decision to suspend both journalism programs. The announcement was made in October – long after currently enrolled journalism students had begun their courses.

Hannah Brown, director of marketing and communications at Loyalist College, emphasized that the decision was not made lightly. It is a decision that has been a long time coming, and with continuously lower enrolments, suspending the program was necessary in order to respond to evolving trends in the media industry and changing landscapes in post-secondary education.

“We are proud of the contributions our journalism graduates and faculty have made to storytelling and community engagement,” Brown said. “We believe this change is essential for preparing future students for the evolving media landscape.”

The college aims to reallocate resources slated for the media studies programs to create new programs. The aim is to provide opportunities that better align with the constantly changing and evolving job markets and industries.

“This decision aligns with broader changes in the media industry and post-secondary education. We’ve seen declining enrolment in these programs as students increasingly seek alternative career paths in communications,” Brown said. “This move allows Loyalist College to reallocate resources to develop programs more aligned with emerging trends and local needs.”

Loyalist College also suspended its Radio Broadcasting program last year. All suspended programs can be reintroduced in the future if a resurgence in demand for such programs and industries returns.

College administrators hinted that an announcement is on the horizon for Loyalist College, which will reveal its new series of dynamic programs being offered in the future. This strategic shift will move the college away from media studies programs to align with changing demands in the job market.

Suspending programs and reintroducing new ones, though difficult, are necessary in order to warrant that Loyalist College remains relevant and dynamic, Brown explained. These shifts also ensure the institution’s core mandates are met and students are well prepared for an ever-evolving job market after graduation.

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